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We are a mountain natural reserve dedicated to the research of Cannabis Sativa for medicinal purposes and the development of cannabis tourism in Argentine Patagonia.

Cannabis Mountain


In this corner of nature

Where mountain views, the sound of the river, the serenity of the forest and our cannabis plants converge to create a unique and captivating environment.

12 hectares of Andean Patagonian forest on the confluence of two meltwater channels at the foot of the mountain.

We have accommodation options and experiences in full contact with nature.

Vibrant Nature

In the middle of unforgettable Patagonian landscapes, we grow cannabis at the foot of the mountain, among forests and on the banks of the Epuyén River and Arroyo Pedregoso.

Environmentally friendly

We work closely with nature, ensuring that each stage of cultivation is an expression of respect and care for the environment.

We enhance the
Andean Region

We promote the region towards new horizons while maintaining respect for nature.

Discover the world of Cannabis

Learn about the care, production and research of the cannabis plant for medicinal purposes.

Live the experience

and visit our mountain cannabis sativa crops in first person.

Complete experience: Guided tour, cocktails, and a unique fire dinner with native Patagonian flavors


Guided tour + Dinner

  • Crop tour

  • Tours guided by experts

  • Cocktails + tapas

  • Gastronomic experience on fire

  • Duration: approximately 4 hours

Visit our farm and enjoy cocktails and tapas in the Patagonian sunset.


Guided tour + Cocktails

  • Farm Tours

  • Tours guided by experts

  • Cocktails + tapas

  • Duration: approximately 3 hours

Learn about the production, processing and research of the cannabis plant.


Guided tours 

to our farm

  • Farm tours

  • Tours guided by experts

  • Duration: 2 approx

Stay in the Reserve

Sheltered by the mountains, our reserve offers you the possibility of staying in the serenity of nature and exploring the therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant in an unparalleled environment.

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